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Jun 19, 2017

This episode introduces a new type of show to the series, "Required Reading." From time to time we'll devote a show to analyzing an important paper or document relevant to Bitcoin and Monero, and try to come away with a more detailed understanding of the material. The goal then is to serve as a detailed introduction to the material for newcomers and in depth review for people that are already familiar with the space.

For our first Required Reading episode, we'll explore the original Satoshi white paper, which introduced Bitcoin to the world. The paper is really the defining document of the cryptocurrency space, and lays out the innovation of Bitcoin. But what was that innovation? What is a blockchain, and why should I care? Why should I trust it? Join us for the show as we read through the paper and discuss the groundbreaking innovation of Bitcoin. Then, we'll talk a bit about the cryptocurrency space today, and some basic advice for people just getting into the space.

There won't be a transcript for today's show. You can access the original Satoshi white paper at Check it out, read along, and get in touch on social media!