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Mar 27, 2017


Welcome to the first episode of the Monero Monitor Podcast! With this show, I hope to more deeply explore the Monero space. While some podcasts have featured talks on the Monero protocol specifically, we'll be talking about the people, projects, and general happenings surrounding not just the core Monero project but the Monero community as a whole.

To kick off the show, I was joined by Riccardo "fluffyponyza" Spagni to talk about some of his involvement in the cryptocurrency space. Many know him best as a member of the Monero Core Development Team, but today we talk about a number of other projects he's been involved in, either in the past or as an ongoing venture. Enjoy the show!


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Music featured in the show is "The Grind" by Justin Maher and used under a Creative Commons License.